Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It was not just any night. Shiver in pain of thousand tears, road of many commotion, despair and thrust hurtled straight to the weakest spot of ones heart. The black awaken the crusader's armour of brilliance devotion; fighting for fair ending that never speaks of his dream but spoken of the past. He awake abrutly with his hand clammed together wanting for a better day. He stand to his feet and glance into the mirror bringing reality back... His still living the childish mind of a 12 year old.


Wocha!welcome to my blogspot, just started it cuz i think its something. Probably just to pass time or to release some sort of EXCLAMATION MARK!!!!!!!!!!... hahaha...
well, since this is the 1st time starting, I'll introduce myself 1st...
1st of all, im Wil.......i think thats enuff for today.............. HAHAHAHAHA.....join me back later as i will describe more.... den just my name.... MUAHAHAHA!!!!!

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