Monday, March 24, 2014


If there is one word to explain Hawker food, it would be "Complete" -ly incomplete.

However, hawker food  is entirely "International" without the standards. You may not find German sausages or American corn dogs but feast your eyes with local delicacies and seafood such as  roti canai to Char Koay Teow and you might just fall in love.
 Lets find out what they would not include.

1. Service.
Everyone is running their own show of business. Either you make an order or you walk away to another stall. If you do order, you get a node. If they are busy, you will probably not get one, but if you waited, the food might just served in front of your table.

Grilled Calamaris with Seasoning

2. Cleanliness
You might probably just need to reconsider when you dine in hawker style. The food you are eating is not probably hygienically made . However, that's why they are so good perhaps? These stall are not at the top of their cleanliness but they do wash and clean after duty, the following day though, probably best not to be their first few customers.

Italian pizza- Hawaii Chicken

3. Dining Experience
If you consider dining next to a gutter, with random visit of rat and pesky cockroach running beneath your stool or aluminium table as experience, go ahead.

Fried Oysters with Omelette 

4. Unhealthily Good
Got to admit it, they may be oily, fattening, unhygienic, rude way of doing business, at the end of the day, they taste good, flavourful dishes with good garnishing, fast and mobile. Try to keep in moderation consumption, you would not want to upset your tummy often.

Just Yellow & Red Watermelon  Roughly Sliced

Friday, December 06, 2013

Trip to Bukit Tinggi

I joined Proto Malaysia and I had my first company trip, we went up to Bukit Tinggi, my first time here without my wife. I took a lot of shots but end up uploading only a few, haha..
Any tips for capturing better picture? I am actually very new with DSLR.
My entry level Nikon surprisingly take nice shots, at least that is what i feel. Haha.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Power of Dreams

Mugen RR
Power of Dreams.

My target is to finalise my dream. A Honda. Simple.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chinese New Year travel

Hello there strangers! Today I will be posting my sort of last minute CNY plan to Singapore changed to Taiwan. So, I really wanted to go to Singapore for this CNY but after some thought, result in going to Taiwan. At the back of my mind there were other reason, it did happen and I was really happy about it but soon I had to leave for the flight back home, lets not talk about that. I'll focus on the trip.

I went with tour with my family to Taiwan. I know about tours and I dislike wasting time going places I do not wish to be, too. Anyway, it was a great trip to Taichung, Taoyuan and Taipei. I like Taipei and Jiufen the most. It was too rush when in shinlin anyway I would like to share photos when I was there with you all in another post. Thanks for reading. If there are any questions you like to ask, you may.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Cleaning up for CNY

So today I decide to clean up my room a little bit. I discover many things I left forgotten and remembered.

For instance, clothes which I have bought last two years I forgot I ever had them until this year ( I skipped cleaning last year). They are now too big for me, if only I know tailor who can adjust for me. Oh right, those are formal attire which I never wear before, besides testing.

I found few more items from high school, back then toy racing car were famous and I mange to find some of my collection which is now parts of the missing collection. None are complete and they are all scattered or lost.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Humble beginning

Since the day I have shine away from blogging scene, I have develop a healthy habit and avoid unnecessary food such as cakes, chips, fried foods... Just unhealthy food.

Thinking about it, I might be missing some good food or desserts out there. I decided to spoilt myself with some indulgence. I'm not really a Mille crepe fan but I had to say that I enjoyed this one. French vanilla is the flavour I picked, it is considered less sweet. One friend of mine once told me the authentic food in France is quite stale, as in there are not much flavour in their food and not as flavourful for Asian appetite. And we tend to stir it up with own spice and mix of something for our taste buds. I like how it tasted and i don't feel guilty after having it(i lied).

I surely recommend this to anyone who love mille crepe as there many flavours to choose from, passion fruit has a lot of positive feedback from friends. Hope you find this useful for your visit.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy new year

Hello people out there. It seems to me there are less traffic than usual since I stopped blogging for years now. I don't know why did I decide to make a return now. Probably just to shine my boredom away. This year have been great to me, a lot has changes and I decide to keep it that way. Hopefully the rest of the remaining months will do good and greater than usual. I am referring to myself and motivation to make great things in life happen. Well, I wish you all a blessed 2013 and hope to hear from you all soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Linkin Park New Single "Burn It Down"

Linkin Park is back with it's latest song in 2012 titled "Burn It Down" on 16th April 2012.
This new single is release on the upcoming album launch followed. No news regarding the new album yet, but this single will put an example of what its like in the new album.
I happen to listened to the new track, a low quality rip of the single. It was in youtube, got removed after few hours. For now lets wait for the launch as Music Video will be launch together as well. There's much to be anticipated. Stay tune for more updates.