Friday, November 02, 2007

Are we who we are?

Sometimes i just wonder why are people being label the way they are despite knowing the person. Like a person walk into class and you know where the person ganna end up be with. Being judgemental is who we are the moment we lay eyes on people. It's only after the person being judge and people trys to prove that their judgement is right.
You see, we're all the same, we judge before we're being judge and grouped with people who thinks the same way as we do. Why judging when you can prove yourself wrong by talking to the person and find out what the person like? Are we who we really are? or are we all being judge by people and being labeled as what they think they are..? Why are we fake "fake" when they are as fake as "fake" as well? Sometimes i'm confused about people who are in between, they are just passer by who are willing to know us to even look at us and give interest and instead we put no efford for them to know us by ignoring and pretending. It happens to each and everyone of us. So tell me, do you really know who you are anymore?Do you think you are as different as they are?

You know what? We're all the same, we choose who we wanna be and mix with. Let them talk and gossip all they want, in the end they are the one who ganna think the same. We are who we are as the person out there does not effect our mind at all... but they wont stop will , don't they?

I know how important friends are when we really need somebody, but, do really other ppl think or care about you when your alone and been meaning for a shoulder or comfort? how glad will the person be and by the next 20 minutes your forgotten and people move on. Now, you felt cheated because the person uses you. So, whenever things like this come up again, you'll soon see yourself there in the same position but this time, there's no one else around. You call, hint, ask, beg and cry for the person to know how you feel and to comfort where there is no one around..How would you feel? i think nearly everyone gave up and doubt what they did wrong in their life to deserve this. I tell myself that, I do the best I can, not hoping for return as I won't look back. Words birds, you'll be digging ur own treasure back you put on elses yard.

People or friends let us down. We cant satisfy everyone's cup of tea, while being here and today, we do as much as we could to not let people down and there will still be people dissapoint in the grey and leave us because of what we have done. Be it a good reason or bad decision, people tend to think otherwise. You get what you deserve because of a decision that planted to those who did not see but seek black spot in a white area.
Lucky for me, i found my saviour which save me from the dreadful pool of mud which covers and slowly hid my skin from shine, now with a shelter i can lie down and put my trust with, i can say that I'm not done yet. I will do what I can in a different way to help whoever is lost, confused to get his or her own shelter like I do.
For the greater good of mankind, we're not here for long, we're here for a time, a time which changes the future not the past. For Thau shall leave me with empty river, For Thau I shall stay and fight for my piece of bread and shelter to cherish with you when I found Thau even in the most difficult way there can be. because your the shelter which i fond with and doesnt blind others but others will find thau for your comfort and shelter. Be my guide and shining stars who I can put my faint and believe is until the end time.


Annabel said...

That's so deep...

WillaZz said...

muahahaha.. its not deep... its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking deep until its hard to believe

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