Monday, November 19, 2007

First Alphabet

random post

Crunchy chocolaty taste whenever I bite

Hip hip hooray I eat the whole bar if I like

I hold back as the nuts keeps coming ai..

And crunchier it seems like waving mum goodbye!!

Least is the most I can do whenever your not around to swing

I could not take a day without my phone ring

I picked it up, it's you, it's you, it's love you bring!!

May is the month!! mayday!!

Idontknow reply 2-3 words i say!!

Surprise like nirvana in earth and banana

Slamming the earth blowing up a papaya!!

Your like ice cream

Outer chocolaty shell cone ring

Unique shape with arabic hair cut of queen

Vengeful, delightful, its full of animosity

Eerie Theodoric night silence of adoringly sight

Reason to behave and stay in room in the middle of the night

Yui strum the guitar a melody of a thousand lie

Michael learns to ROCK!

United Nation learns to re-STOCK

Chinese wannabe's learn hip-hop

Hamburger, cheese and sausage too,2 to 3 block one for me and one for you!

*im so darn bored and i got nothing to do, im posting nonsense as it got nothing to do with anything at all muahahaha BUT it mean something for me..... MUAHAHAHHA(again). So it's just pointless, but its my blog.. wahahahaaha(again =.=)........ WAHAHAHAHAHHA(again=.=swt)
the picture none related also... im so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wish there's something i can commit to.. definately not studies.. =.=*


Minny said...

hahahahaha omg
i like the papaya part ;p
why not BANANA?

WillaZz said...

because when banana bloated it become like papaya.... many seeds :whistle:

benjipapa said...

whua.... sometimes u r so deep i kenot understand... but sometimes u r so not deep tat i understand...u understand wat me saying? cos i dun understand wat me or im saying LOL

WillaZz said...

i understand... benji, let me hint you, read the title

Sae Wei said...

Benjipapa: i sweat sama you k.
Both of you say wat i tarak i unerstand. I think i say wat i also tarak understand. @.@

Chee Hsien said...

LOL!! U have a creative mind... now i know the name.. :D

WillaZz said...

wahahha... omg.. no.. now u noe.. aiks!