Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A night in e-gate.

A very "wonderful" afternoon i might say for being there for a day to witness such painful piece of feeling consumes between Red and Green apple. It was such, so less thinking and more confusion and headache are made up into meaningless random joke,so it would leave me thoughtless for a day.

preventing the heard from the ear and the sight from the eye.

I lay my heart open to find what left unspoken to finally be it the way it suppose to be and be remembered of, that its not suppose to be(for me).
soooooooooooo..... it was taken away, at least thats what I thought. Being just ignorant and hiding true feeling are not the way you should be to get what you want.But even though you do spill the cup and the stain on the white tee,you move on.

Well, lets cut the cake and divide it. I went to E-gate to visit my high school friend, he stayed right behind e-gate, a pretty cool place to be... love the gym,the pool and sauna... woot woot.. can be my second home ade la. the facilities and security are superb... they have to take my driving license in order to let me park inside.. =.= with badge for me to wear and a notice sign for my car.. =.=
Soon, my brother. we have a very nice, long and comfortable conversation but ended running all
over places to look for connection,i've found many but my battery didnt last(stupid HP battery).So, I decided to take some picture...weird... i never like taking picture.. so... i take picture of ma fren... lol... ahahah... of cuz with my artistic style and angle uses(at least thats what i think)... i gatta say... i godamn take good pictures.. ahahaha

Hmm, observe...dam.. im liking it every minute of it, like im addicted to it.

Nothing interesting nor artistic about this piece, just posting this up to c some green.

Thats what im talking about..... thats what im talking about.

Smoke, to fill your mind empty...

I would like to dedicate this piece for Linkin Park; Shadow of The Day.

so.. that are some few shots i took, basically plenty but i just choose few le.. lol... cuz i aint familiar with the blogger uploading of pictures :D...well.. lets continue with summore pictures..

It's too dark... but its fine with me
Standing in the middle of it.. what that in the middle? its very popular in Penang(trash).Done by ppl like me and you.

Loving the lights that shine at night like moon on the sky brighty in this velvet night.
When theres arrow pointing at you, take a picture of it.
The blur picture of the day showing the guys conquering the night...

Well that leave me with plenty more time to post-dup my next post, which is..... something you wont be expecting, try guessing?It'll be plenty and something i dont do often but once in a blue moon.


Sae Wei said...

Feel so emo man by just looking at the black and white photos...

WillaZz said...

Saewei: izzit? imo ka? i dun this is that imo at all... cuz its not that clear also.. using hp camera summore.. ahahha..