Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tell me you'll wait for me

Hey there, do you still remember me?
I'm standing here outside your door, it's very hard for me to say goodbye, im ready and lonesome and any moment i could break down and die.
Please hold me cuz i don't know when im going but i will be there when you wanted me back.Never let me go, cuz i wont let you go until you say so. what you tell me i listen and sing for you and kiss you. dreaming about the days to come, i want to smile and reminisce what you say to me. Im standing here again, hate to wake you up and call you because every time and everywhere i go i think of you and every song i sing i sing for you. i hate to go but i need you to understand that you need to smile for me and pray for me... i need to go still hate to go... so take care my friend, we might meet again in the future, please remember to call me, I'll remember your name. You were there whenever im lonesome and needed somebody. you dont hesitate to come and comfort me and walk the road by my side. i can still feel your warmth and laughs together, i wonder when will the next time be another. please hold my hands and never let me go, because i wouldn't know when the next time you need to.

I will always remember the time where we use to have each other.I still remember ..you'll be back again..


JJzai said...

Those pictures is nice,
giving out some kind of different feeling

WillaZz said...

thx u very much JJ.. :) nice to see you here...