Monday, February 04, 2008

Every time i think of you i saw ur face in the broad daylight
the sunshine on my face steal away by those lovely eyes

started to sing the song we use to sing, only a moment what love can bring

i love how the moonlight shine in the night, where we never will see each other again until the sun comes up.

waking up every morning
i've been waiting for your call
the tone i remember sings in my head
i know its you the world crumbling down like oh wo uh oh..

slowly it comes to me that we were once together
we were once friend and now we're not

i really don't know what really love is,
no i will never forget the time you hold me
but i take this chance to learn how love is beautiful
if a person appreciate what love brings

only together for a moment but the strong heart
still desire of you in my arm to listen to me whisper in your ear..

i feel like a loser for making those mistakes
that i dont wish to make
but it takes 1 minute to appreciate
what we forget and remember the next day
what we treasure the most
but the hope of getting lost in the woods
still bring back memories
i started reminiscing
what love really is
but truly is you that hold me as i am today

i hope it din go away but cherishing of an invisible person still lurks in the night when i started to look up into the sky

do you know what we are looking for?
do you know what we been searching for?
do you know what we take granted for?
For only a chance we step right into the door and begin to fall


Lasker said...

wheee .. new post.
But tak berapa faham la ..
is it a song ker? is it your poem ker? is it true ker?

Blurrrr ... but its good :)

WillaZz said...

my 5 minute poem,it's true.

x said...

freestyle ka ?

WillaZz said...

yea.. LOL...

Louv.Da.J said...

w00t another love story ~

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