Thursday, February 28, 2008

They miss me, NOT!


Thats what it is, i miss secondary friends...
I wish to go back in time where we use to have a lot of FUN, being playful and exciting moments with the adults.

I hate for I did not appreciate you all and screwed it all up, i was selfish, so I am still. Leave me for I am stubborn and humble but you thought it was all motives that desperately separate us apart.

Where I'm from, where I grew up, my hometown. It was all a sign, for letting you to know what has separated us apart. Our family, it was impossible, I could give nothing, nothing but only myself, to tell you, that I really wish we could move on, on to a place where we are all equal, for you and me, that we, are close, lip touches and so are our nose.

Hi my friend I say to you,
Hi you said and I wanted to
Smile and laugh but all I do
Is yawn and doze off in fluffy red yellow and blue
Pillow is all I need
No slippers or socks just with bare feet
Crossed my leg,leg like a pig
Chubby and clumsy like a big cotton candy kid.

night night, thats all for February's poem by me, maybe some other time I'll find a free time to write, buhbye.

No shadow of the day... >_< sad.... couldn't find.

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