Thursday, April 10, 2008

ID:fackyou password: nicetry

Dammit, not again, scams scams scams... I literally find it irritating how these people work so hard to be a wannabe GM that trys to scam ppl in the street of Prontera, oh btw, this game is call Ragnarok Online(RO).
I post it up here cuz i have nothing better to do but preaching about scammers who tries to scam, player such as me myself and fucking them off.
Be it my account, so called; duplicating my item. U stay off, cuz you think ur dam smart huh? i bet people do that to you all the time! You must be a really sad child, I feel pity for you because your rejected and have no friends and those so called friends of you must have been cheated on you, even ur girlfriend been fucking with ur brother and ur dad having lovey dovey that kiss kiss with her..and you know about it, thats why you started cheating on innocent people, to hurt them, just like they hurt you..
, be real, it's just a game, get a job, a life.
Dun waste ur time by tricking ppl and lie to people you don't know. It's like I'm fucking with ur girlfriend and ur watching, you like that?
Nobody like that, we're all humans, try to understand that, we have feeling, if you don't have real friends, drop me an email, i'll talk to you and be ur friend : )
Let's share some laughter and tears.

There's plenty more, but im lazy to upload.

That's all, you deserve to be treated that way, if you don't think so, tell me why : )

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Fluxevz said...

i hate scammers,they are in every single game not just RO