Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Random Pic with Jolene's Birthday Pic

Lately, i've been lazy to write, so I'll just post some pictures which totally crash with each other.. i know i should have saperate em both.. but IT'S MY BLOG MWAhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I just started using real camera.. so dun blame me for the bad quality.. i dunno how to useeeeeeeeeeeee... someone kind enuff to teach me or just say " Go Learn urself u moron!"
photoshop aint my thing.. so i guess im going to learn the hard way.... 2gb of memory, hope it'll come in handy...... :(

Sorry for the picture being so Large... IM NOT in ANY MOOD TO RESIZE THEM AT ALL....
bahhhhhhhhhhhhh let them be.......... muahahha... I'll remind myself to use 'medium'

Nick Chooi

Radius Khor

Nick Choi, Daniel & JC

Radius Khor..... Unleash the Demonic Side in You!ROCK ON!


Look at the candle, probably the best shot... taken by Radius

THE BIRTHDAY GIRL Jolene.... we're singing Birthday song in 2 different language.. but 3 songs including Merry Christmas ala Happy Birthday

Drink that milk... i think its some kind of tradition? or probably.... ahem..... because of what she got........... WEETTTTTTTTTTTTT

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