Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dear Father

Dear Father,
I know you are the one and only true living God, you came into my life because you have a plan for me, trial that you've put me through these past years have been very hurtful and damaging towards my life which now belongs to you. Let your will be done through me, because I am servant of God. Help me find my path towards you Lord, salvage me from this darkness I've been living in.
Patiently tarry for your calling, at least show me a way to improve myself for You.

I'm sick of this life, every person I knew is, is there a solution for all this? I know you are the solution, will we have enough time to prepare our self for You Lord? I also know that you control the time, we are all in your control, it's the people who decides Lord if you really hear my heart cry oh Lord, take me to the next level, maybe I need to learn your way the hard way Lord.


jėss.T said...

omg. that is SO sweet n meaningful

Anonymous said...

He guides you to help yourself.