Thursday, June 12, 2008

UPDATE: Hillsong United LIVE in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


I am going to upload some photos from my TRIP from Penang TO Glad Tidings AOG PJ.

I would like to thank God, his son Jesus for all the blessing and pleasant journey we had. We are very blessed indeed. Lets roll back the time :D

It was 27th of May, and my friend Rui Yang said that Konsortium Buses has been banned due to Over Flowing of Speeding Tickets the company had received.. I was shocked and I thought to myself and ask God, 'Is this it? We're not going to see Hillsong United?' answer..

Well! we paid rm27 to get our asses to Pudu Raya, of course Nothing is ganna stop us, unless God himself !! and I know this is dam boring to read but eventually we got back to the place WHERE we got our tickets and it appears that THEY are USING Seasonal buses... OH!! spooky shit so when's WINTER? whatever shit... just promise me that we land safely to meet SILAS and FOOD FOOD FOOD! yes! I sound like an Hungry Gorilla now but definitely not interested in Jane, unless women talking back and forth and all I need to do is "HELP!" I CHOCKED MY OWN FOOD while listening, lady please STOP talking to me and help!... HAHA..
well anyway we didn't get to eat anything nice but a couple of fried buns and Maggie Goreng Outside Of AOG...........MAMAK!!!!!!!! tu dia.. THANK LORD for 3 FRESH glasses of Milo to start for the day! I'll STOP my random-ness... LETS CONTINUE TO THE TOPIC!

YES!!! we're In the Bus! Here is Goodbye! to all the LALA's in Penang..
Before I forget, we thought the bus will be leaving at 10.30am but it was 30minutes earlier! we didn't check our TICKETS time! how GREAT is that? but u know what? WE REACH THERE EARLY! CHUN CHUN got 3 minutes before the BUS LEAVE!!! PRAISE THE LORD! woohoo!!! now lets go to bed now... zzz listening to some Hillsongs on my mp3 and bossa nova babeh..
You know how it feels to be all unprepared?lucky for me, I knew we need the map even though everyone in this TRIP seems relaxed! and nothing about getting there sticks to their mind, at least I thought U ALL KNOW THE WAY when we get there.. .but you know what?? they DON'T! OMG! and LUCKILY I CAM WHORE MY LAPTOP! it got us where we suppose to be at the end WHEN we get into our TAXI!happy? haha

So finally we reached and exactly 2pm we reach and work our way to MONORAIL? LRT? no idea.. this is some shots when we're in one of the station

Waiting for the train.. Nice shot..
but we need to get to TITIWANGSA! and find hotel to PUT our stuff.. refresh and get ready for the CONCERT!..

Fu... exhausted eh?

When are we reaching Titiwangsa?
Well, we reached! and its fun walking here and there to find hotels... AS IF!... we meet all kinds of people and we finally found one hotel... well for rm98 it better be.. haha!or NOT?? oh well... pleasant it was when we were finding our room when Noises from all over different room were heard and we were laughing.. :)
This is our room

Thats cute

That Smells

THAT'S IT? thats all we carried from Penang? yea kinda..for 1 person la yoh!... BUT that maggie CUP doesnt belong to us!... This is not what I imagine when I'm in KL, I expect beefburger with lots of frieds and maybe japanese FOOD. Stay tune.. I'll Update asap :>)


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