Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are you ready for Joseph Prince?

If you do not know this guy, now is your chance.. No one can preach about "daddy" the way he does.. If you do not know what I mean, do not worry, you will get to know more about him later on. As for me.. Where is the love?this generation have cried out and trust me, BEP's song "where is the love" is still playing in our head and wondering where is HE? I'm still in search for my place in his arm where he opened up for me. Praise the Lord for he have been patience and I hope you'll get to know who Christ is in your life for me it is all that I have.

He appear in Hillsong Conference for 2 years

The Root Cause Of Your Problem Is Condemnation

Will The Real Christianity Please Stand Up?

this are just some of the clips i've used from youtube.. but please get some of the DVD... it's worth it.. i've just watched part 1 See The Father's Love For You from the DVD..

if your interested in it, there is a blogger who post it up.. here is the link! works dont worry :))

See The Father's Love For You Part 1
See The Father's Love For You Part 2

Please, i ask you as a friend, take a few minutes to listen some of the truth about you and me and our very Father and his love to us because our earthly father May not be a perfect example, so take this chance to know about a Father who have been there from the moment our life begin.

if you fancy reading, here I've found Father's Love Letter in flash format, hope you liked it my brother/sister :))

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