Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's just a mixed up feeling. Happy New Year 2009

Great 2 great post on Self *NOT* Improvement topic.
Which will only gets you spinning for celebration of life's failed achivement.
But Hey, talking about celebration, Happy New Year 2009 to me and everyone who is celebrating. I had a weird one. I put up my hands in the dance floor and counted from 10-1 to reach 1 January 2009 and I looked around... Strangers.. how sad is that?Nobody's by your side?yup nobody THAT I KNOW and i'm thinking about friends which are in other clubs, just about that second I wanted to be with them, looking at them, hugging everyone I know and having a great time.. instead...

at least nobody knows me or see how weird I was but at least i'm enjoying the music with the DJ right? haha well seems pretty pit but there's more..unnecessary event occured which are not impressive because its a blow off for the night.

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