Monday, May 04, 2009

My 21st Birthday Party Head Count.

Please leave me a comment including your Name if your coming for my 21st Birthday Party.
I was ask to do a headcount, I decided that I will count from the amount of comment I've receive.

Those who are coming, I would want to thank you very much for coming because you really meant alot to me. So please show up! Make it or not, it's only for one night, I promise it would not be boring because I am planning to enjoy it with all of you.

Incase you needed a reminder, here it is;

Date:16th of May
Time: 7.00pm Arrival, 8.00pm Buffet
Location:Butterworth, Penang.
Theme: It's Raining Season, You Decide!
Map:( Red Marks The Spot)
Expected Things to happen during the Evening: buffet, pictures, meet new friends, socializing and For Those interested to overnight after the party, do let me know in advance!

Contact Number: 0124473673( Birthday Boy)

Last but not least, I would want to remind you that You NEED to submit YOUR COMMENT with your Name.I need to confirm your attendance! Thank you very much for reading!

Update: there has been mistake.. no booze!oh no!ahhhhh, time to chill! it's about me, the birthday boy, oh well.. maybe if u pray enuff.. might suddenly appear ! lol
Will Update from time to time!Stay Tune!


imin said...

so far away.. ahhh

VanVan said...

dude i coming..but need settle my transportations

Anonymous said...

Yo Willazz, this is Mister Dark Alpha. XD

Expect me to come.

millymin said...

walao! Jauh nyerrrrr

tannie tan said...

i'm here and there

millymin said...

hello uncle, what time ahh?

Nikkusan said...

yeah nick is going

Anonymous said...

Hmmzz.. I will just follow Kel n Tannie them o.. Guess u noe me adi lah.. Haha.. Lai Tat here o..

WillaZz said...

5 more ppl as followed;
Shea Lin
Ah Qiu
Li Jia
Xiao Thong

VanVan: Hello! you are the transport liao!no need settle.. haha

millymin: I just updated with the date ade :)

Minny said...


Radius Rock said...

Yo, Will I will be Rocking back for your PARTY MAN!!!

Jasmine Goh said...


Daniel said...

this is DK chao shen! I'm coming to get ya!!

Cathy said...

ohh... I can't come.. That's far far away from us.. But I wish you a happy and magnificent birthday to come..

Chee Hsien said...

*whee* quite near my house :D i'm coming!

Jewel ; KPL said...

Kelvin & Jewel is coming tooo! Whee! :D

aL said...

me and cedric going! said...

i wanna comeeeeeee