Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Team Imperials, Jazzer Pg, TeamCity

Last weekend, these 3 team come out for TT(teh tarik)
We had convoy from Caltex Tesco, Penang to Esplanade and later to Botanical Garden and end up photo taking in Youth Park. Total about 28 cars turn up. 
It was fun because TI never had that much members, I guess its good to socialize with other car members to broaded network and socializing wtih each other to make more friends.
Well, enough talking, perhaps these photos should do the talking.
Luckily they have dSLR to capture these pix. Great job guys! I enjoyed TT with you all tho.. I hardly know anyone from the other team..

These are Team Jazzer Penang.. Cool bodykits and HID.. wow!

This is TeamCity I guess, correct me if I got it mistaken by commenting on this post, cuz I know that TeamCity has split already, don't really know their new club name. xD
These are T.I with one civic!.. hahaha cool uncle with two chicks! tho no picture of them, but their in the family photo down below.
This is T.I member, from left; Danny, czteoh, richnet, killer8550, ME, and Jason. Really great to catch up with all of you, hope we can TT more often in the future.
These are Jazzers and City member! No electricity when we arrive, only candle light.. romantic but kinda hot la.. no wind blow also.

This is everybody from TC, Jazzer and TI. Good gathering I might say, hopefully more close in the future with more activities and game. Nice meeting all of you.


Rebecca said...

walaos! nice ehhhh~ when i go back penang take me go tengok !!! :D

WillaZz said...

eh.. when u back u let me know le.. if u happen to be around when we go out.. i can take u go tengok tengok geh