Sunday, July 12, 2009

on track

finally i get to its going to get a lil boring because im going to start telling story about my KL trip.. exactly one week ago.

Lovely evening spent in the mall, Gurney Plaza was as usual boring but plenty of people to kept me interested.

It seems just like yesterday, the car park fee bothers me, it's crazy especially on Saturday and Sunday.

It all started when a friend of mine decided to travel down to KL to look for a watch, maybe he thought he would get better deal in KL.

In many occasion this is totally one of the bazaar day which suddenly an idea of going KL seems to be a yes in my mind, probably perhaps I wasn't getting any KL food treatment.

Some more its not the first time this plan floats at the back of my mind, my other group of friends been saying and planning for months and it doesn't seem to happen.

The idea of getting to KL excites me, especially when we hurried to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal to purchase 2 tickets immediately.

It's 11pm saturday as I remembered it, we got a deal from Gunung Raya Bus for rm30ea.

Now we have exactly 1 hour to get prepared to leave Penang at 1am.

... SWEET...

fuh! It wasn't pleasant because there's this fella who was on the phone for the entire time!... Not entirely, but it felt like it!

We spend our morning by 1st, walking no where thinking we can just go anywhere in KL by walking but its obvious its very early in the morning and finally got back to puduraya terminal heading to train station which is just the best way to spent the time.
Picture will be uploaded soon next time as we travelled in KL by foot and thanks to Boy for fetching us from Time Square and go for Limau Ais( Yellow Colour) and meet with fellow TI members Crab, Vomix and Wan.

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