Saturday, January 16, 2010

KL live 2

It was not that interesting when I first got here, was rather confuse because of so many things which are new to me.. after a week in ntv7 i feel that I progress in the sense of the flow of how things go during the past week.

take for example for the first day i was here.... Oh god it was boring.. didn't know what to do because there is no job for me yet and i'm now starting to know what I'm suppose to do.
Which is to ask for job! lol.... i know that since the beginning, but jsut when you're not so familiar with every new faces around and not remembering their name....

I tend to just keep quiet until somebody notice that i got nothing to do in the office

The second day i went for assignment in Seri Kembangan in DAP office to interview The mother of a student who got slapped at the back of the body by the discipline teacher, confiscated a Buddist locket, got thrown on the table to the whole school and went berserk after school hour when were asked to return the locket...
And during the berserk, the student's sister's Mobile phone is broken by the discipline teacher.. Poor family pity them la..

the 3rd day of assignment were a bit.. out of place because i dont get what the commission were trying to say at the middle of the PC(press conference). Well it didn't end up well.. i sat in the office till 7+pm that day...

ystd i went to pavilion for the launch of New blackberry phones being offered to celcom existing and new user for half the price for the first 150 customer... cool.. i wish i could cue up and get one as well... the fonts was big enuff if my dad or mum were going to use it eventho with qwerty pad .
neway jia ning from ntv7 were cool haha she asked me a few question for my opinion, i wish i could be so open to everyone here, because if u were my friends i will feel much relaxed.. but to new faces.. i better be quiet, dun wanna end up being a weirdo. lol

neway thats all for my report in kl... earlier i did a translation from BM to English on Traffic offender which vialated the traffic rules and got chase by police today 1 jan 2010..
had lunch without ppl to kacau in the cafeteria... where's the other trainee from HCC go to? is today just me and annie? wheres panda? soo ling and others.... oh right.. geline and joey went back to Penang..

Later ada Team Imperial Dinner.. dunno how la later.. Radius coming to visit me and stay for the night~woohoo

I must plan properly today... but useless my phone no batt!... oh shit!

signing out

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