Monday, February 08, 2010

Penang, here I come!

Finally this week im going back on Friday for CNY, before that I need to clarify that today skipped my assignment because I forgot to set alarm for work, Wicked thats really terrible, I ask for things to do in the office, but nothing.. so here I am again abusing ntv7's connection swt. God help me to stop buying goods online..
tomorrow need to spend money.. lol... ( I thought everyday spend money wert).. a lil bit more la.. lol...
I want to list down what I bought during past week
front disc rotor + brand new brake pads RM450
Air Filter Box RM80
Ke$ha's New Album ANIMAL RM46.90
Movie Tickets RM50
Food and drinks RM180 per week(O_O!!)
there's much more like petrol... =.=U

neway I like to let you guys know that 1Utama New Wing Ground Floor have rm9.90 sales on Audio CD's but old ones..not new CD's the most latest you could find would be 2007, i think.
I bought 5 CD's, I dont remember all of them... but i got Fort Minor, Good Charlotte.

Have fun finding your CD's for your collection =D

God bless you all for those drving back to hometown, drive safely.

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