Saturday, March 20, 2010

Celebrate with celeb

Today marks the day I finally finishes my training in NTV7, I had a lot of fun out in the field for assignments, I learn a lot during my training here tho it's not enough, I'm going to treasure it here.
I like the BJ's in the office, they are fun, serious, and very helpful, I'm very glad I made a few friends here to joke around with, tho not necessarily they going to miss me, but I will, as i'm writing this, Zaman is actually writing our performance here in ntv7, I've tried my best but the only way to learn are through mistakes that I've made, I really hope they forgive me for the mistakes that I have done, sometimes they expect us to know what to do, but they must also know where we are standing as well, learn quick as many would say but I disagree as guidance and enrollment into the particular jobs which you need to do are far more important. To be honest I don't really know about this field that I'm currently stepping on, it's too cold, no I don't want to change the way I think about this because it's abnormal. People here enjoy doing it, but I guess It wasn't in me when I'm doing it, I don't like to be pushed around instead I prefer someone to guide me a few time until I walk on my own. Show us what is needed to be prepared and talk to me about it! not sharing is not caring!

As I gladly know that we should put in more effort in news reporting, somehow along the way I don't like the environment where we need to go out for night assignments, but thats where test will be tested, not everything in our life will be easy. I wish to thank, Haniza, Jia Ning for showing me how news format is written and formed and Sharon, Mohsin and Redzuan for editing and as i watches you guys did it like a pro. Really appreciate for all the things that all the team has done, I will miss you all.

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