Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Part I

The lights is shading off, the sky turns dark and gloomy. The wind blew in, with the sound of thousand bullets hit the ground, I knew the weather is going to change, as I look sour towards the day, I began to wait for much later in the hour. I initiate for some responding pursuit, It was successful.

Having slightest moment of delight, I headed out to the battlefield I hated most, with many patrons of Proton, It wasn't easy to reach the destination I figured to arrive.

Then it came to the most irritation uphill battle for my machine, It was without a sense of creativity corresponded to the details of the architecture.

The air was awkward, I knew in the beginning, I prepared to be against all odds, I look like a dumbfounded fool. I left with a consolation prize of Rum and Raisin treat in my hand.

The night followed with a meal of a small gathering I presumed, yes it must have, feeling lightheaded i began to joke myself out for the air started to dense in.

Mail reached upon me, communication sets in. Time to head out to the music scene.

Part II will be continued soon.

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