Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 2010 update.

Today, at around 1am I was woken up by my neighbour or people who is having an argument outside my apartment, their voice was echoing throughout the entire place, feeling discomfort, I wake up from this unwanted disturbance.

Anyway, just feel like writing something

it's almost 2011, time is moving on so ever fast, there's so many things to talk about
first thing would be congratulation to me I finish my diploma, finally.
secondly, I think I have always been spoilt by my parents.
thirdly, I think I need a change, this environment is getting too comfortable to me as everything is just so near. I don't need to move a muscle to get them, so I definitely need a makeover.
fourthly, either starts in Australia or home.

I so wanted to get out from here and explore.

Friends, they're great, never really talk much about how good they were when they're by my side.
Don't really care about what's their problem or so on, but its going to change.
Friends out there, I won't let you down any more, I will try to be a better friend, just give me a chance.

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