Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Share of Love

When your out with your friends, please be aware of what you want to say, some words may trigger unwanted attention towards you. Silent is gem. Construct your sentences well first. Understand your friends and observe the situation. There are those who are funny, those who laugh at everything the funny guy would do, those who are quiet, those who are talkative and not funny. Whoever they are, it does not matter, at the end of the day, know that they are there for you, the moment spend together is precious, don't create hatred about it. Some are working with not enough time to even have time for you. Be pleased with them for the valuable time with you. It's important to bond friendship with each other, no one can live alone. I know that myself.

So you ask about another thing, your family, your parents and your sibling(s). Do be reminded not all of us have a perfect family, some may come from a broken relationship family. Your main concerns are treating them well, visit them often to let them know you care about them as much as they have care for you. Sometimes being there for them is enough. Do whatever you can to make them happy when they are still alive, treasure every moment with them, so it leave you no regret when they leave you. Love your family.

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