Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Humble beginning

Since the day I have shine away from blogging scene, I have develop a healthy habit and avoid unnecessary food such as cakes, chips, fried foods... Just unhealthy food.

Thinking about it, I might be missing some good food or desserts out there. I decided to spoilt myself with some indulgence. I'm not really a Mille crepe fan but I had to say that I enjoyed this one. French vanilla is the flavour I picked, it is considered less sweet. One friend of mine once told me the authentic food in France is quite stale, as in there are not much flavour in their food and not as flavourful for Asian appetite. And we tend to stir it up with own spice and mix of something for our taste buds. I like how it tasted and i don't feel guilty after having it(i lied).

I surely recommend this to anyone who love mille crepe as there many flavours to choose from, passion fruit has a lot of positive feedback from friends. Hope you find this useful for your visit.

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