Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chinese New Year travel

Hello there strangers! Today I will be posting my sort of last minute CNY plan to Singapore changed to Taiwan. So, I really wanted to go to Singapore for this CNY but after some thought, result in going to Taiwan. At the back of my mind there were other reason, it did happen and I was really happy about it but soon I had to leave for the flight back home, lets not talk about that. I'll focus on the trip.

I went with tour with my family to Taiwan. I know about tours and I dislike wasting time going places I do not wish to be, too. Anyway, it was a great trip to Taichung, Taoyuan and Taipei. I like Taipei and Jiufen the most. It was too rush when in shinlin anyway I would like to share photos when I was there with you all in another post. Thanks for reading. If there are any questions you like to ask, you may.

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