Monday, March 24, 2014


If there is one word to explain Hawker food, it would be "Complete" -ly incomplete.

However, hawker food  is entirely "International" without the standards. You may not find German sausages or American corn dogs but feast your eyes with local delicacies and seafood such as  roti canai to Char Koay Teow and you might just fall in love.
 Lets find out what they would not include.

1. Service.
Everyone is running their own show of business. Either you make an order or you walk away to another stall. If you do order, you get a node. If they are busy, you will probably not get one, but if you waited, the food might just served in front of your table.

Grilled Calamaris with Seasoning

2. Cleanliness
You might probably just need to reconsider when you dine in hawker style. The food you are eating is not probably hygienically made . However, that's why they are so good perhaps? These stall are not at the top of their cleanliness but they do wash and clean after duty, the following day though, probably best not to be their first few customers.

Italian pizza- Hawaii Chicken

3. Dining Experience
If you consider dining next to a gutter, with random visit of rat and pesky cockroach running beneath your stool or aluminium table as experience, go ahead.

Fried Oysters with Omelette 

4. Unhealthily Good
Got to admit it, they may be oily, fattening, unhygienic, rude way of doing business, at the end of the day, they taste good, flavourful dishes with good garnishing, fast and mobile. Try to keep in moderation consumption, you would not want to upset your tummy often.

Just Yellow & Red Watermelon  Roughly Sliced

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