Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is sitting and sleep at home consider holiday?


Today's Catch, Is this a real dragon?
is it a real dragon? It's driving me insane to ever look at one dragon right now
this pic is the close up, do keep your eyes on the tiny wing, if this is a fake picture, i think this is quite believable fake to me, unless you can proof to me how wrong is this picture....o_O
its so small...

welll this is old news.... i put it here perhaps someday people might proof it's existence ... my dad recieve this forwarded email from her friend in office. This is what he got... title: Dragon found in Balik Pulau

im not sure if its real... but I think its a very good fake.... I mean you can actually c da wing... but the wing is so small =.=.. its so tiny..... has dragon come down from the sky to drink water??? maybe they can transform to big or small... but this just look weird....i dun think dragon is a stupid creature.... and you have water resistance camera to took that nicely shoot of that dragon? thats great!.... but i really hope its reall even it does'nt fit any sense in it.. ahha..

Is sitting and sleep at home consider holiday?
I been sitting at home since holiday, went out only once after the car is fixed, but you know what? lightning does'nt strike twice right? well, here I am typing this entry feeling so suck of life.

im actually having holiday now... till August 15, and this is what I get.Well, cut the bull let me tell you what I did at home

THATS ALL I DO WHOLE DAY!AINT THAT SAD???i tried chanting the car to work this morning... i woke up early early.... gone down to car park.... pray it works.. cuz actually today i have apointment with my members to smoke my headlamp...... well.... thx u almighty, u stopped it from happening.. and now im stuck at home feeling so sick..
i dun feel like promising anything now...
cuz i just cant do it without car.


aL said...

linked u :)

Uta said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but those are a series of screenshots from the Animal Planet special "Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real". The dragons were digitally created on a computer, similar to the dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" or the creatures in "Narnia", and placed into real backgrounds.