Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hmm Interesting Interesting

Finally i learn adobe photoshop cs3..
tho im weak, and i couldn't find the tweak,that i need to bleed and the pen to lead...
i still find my way around to see what i dun know and just shove it to the canvas with the flow~~
here's something interesting to show...ready or not,

Here now it goes...

1st dup is ma old pic of how i use to took aight,
reminiscence the past of what love might look like,
i look like digiman in mcd having a meal,i love the stare of my eyes it got me chingy and goth i feel.

This next is a pic i took in new world park, its easy to fuck with cuz the angle i took.. just what i need not, neat shot, physical lock on the highway doing 80 on the block.
here comes something easy on the eye, liquefy with water exploded like dynamites , i feel the haze and chilly breeze that night, with vision so poor and it feel so absurd~
and i wish i could step on the gas going miles and miles doing 360 going round and round.

This is my project that i pass dup.. and i kinda like it for awhile tho its fucked up!
i feel the shine and the light and the pixels-LIZE lise... den i farking realize I dun farking mind!
like a cooperfield doing magic tricks, i started screaming and had it a fix.. the lecturer hate it but i dun care, i do what i farking want you farking swan!

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