Thursday, December 20, 2007


*Beware!before continue reading,another personal post.. you wouldn't understand a word..haha*

The wine is as clear as the liquid in his hand,for the hand has been stained,
foul breath of the sea sicken the eye piercing the iris
tormenting the sight and colour faded as he stand.
He hold on for a moment to capture the moment
Closing his eyelid and passed out...
"It's clear now" he murmured, with a smile and a drop of tear falling from his eye.He sleeps.

Cold as the wind pass by, the shore, like always shining brilliantly under the moonlight of a thousand star. Figuring where is North, he finally awakes.

Represents a women of clear water.Sinless.Melt away man who are attracted to the scent and beauty.
A red blood from a cursed ship.
A Path.

Wind?Foul Breath?Fading sight and colour you ask?
Whispering through the ear of the fallen, destroying what have been strong lead by the wind.

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