Friday, December 21, 2007

So it was Christmas

I use my dead draft as my update bcuz I admit sometimes it deserve much better to be deleted.its 26th December 2007 to be exact.

Merry Christmas!

to the whole world..
to all my Christian friends... Merry Christmas &Happy New Year!
It was a wonderful 2007 Christmas for me this year. I never felt so much better celebrating with few of my now becoming best buddies.. all of them, since I'm a so called lazy pig, you know who you guys are. For what you all have done, I am glad that you guys are 'still' my best buddies. how I wish 'forever' exist and I won't even doubt i lied about it myself and hoping that next best thing follows and claim its price.
It was what i thought Christmas was like(mention in previous posts).. no more as I now feel much more about Christmas. A more personal and less crowd like previous years(tear drops)

at least from all those years, i finally learn whats more and most important of how not to say BBQ can bring us all together, cuz I ain't a guy with much specific in it, i would generalize to the boldest until the meaning torn the words apart. It was what is was, i said to myself, a finally great one I must add.must.

Love is not in the air.but you are.
So it was what it was, a wonderful night for me and you, celebrating with love one or not it does not matter, as the people around you appreciates you. Even if they are not, forgive them for they have yet to see but misses every single second of it. There's no point of explaining, its a charm that every person possess. So put your best dress on, never the least ever regret, like people say, live today like it's your last day but i would say this, live life.. and be part of theirs.

Upon you theres me.somehow.
I would also like to confess to all my friends that I don't fucking care who talks bad,back,this and that, dog and cat, big and fat, white and black about me because whatever it is, I love and care each and everyone of you all regardless how you feel about me. If you find me trying to make you hate me. I'm just doing for your own good!..woot woot.. and probably normal conversation are too darn bored, as i lost my common sense years ago and couldn't sense between them. Ah well, there goes a piece.of crap.


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