Friday, January 11, 2008

Fine Ass.

The morning feels great, the breezy wing blew against my skin. It was chilly and good day to start walk in the park.

As I remember, the time was 6.45 in the morning, I was in my cozy sofa like before looking out the balcony. I close my eyes, and there they are
the birds chirping outside the balcony. Morning bird song strums into my ear, I like it. A smile was brought to my face looking at tiny birds hopping and singing around, dancing like morning angels.

Treasure every morning with a smile.

I was checking same usual stuff like the mail, updates, downloads, New posts, blog hopping as usual. With all that, I really spend my time on it until I realize that it was still early, a thought says to me that I can check it later. So, I open my player and started watching my all time favorite anime and continue episodes by episodes. Little by little, I would pause a little and check on Shoutout, to see whats going on, it have become kind of a routine or a role I play once in awhile, probably the episodes are pretty boring, but at times it get emotional that I happen to stop and chill for awhile. Its very wise because you would want to clean up your tears which happen to drop like tap water.

I was in Gurney Plaza, was wearing my lucky black J and C. I was in Breeks, I saw this waiter, god damn! NICE ASS!!! great curve she got there! with those tight jeans on her, dam she look gorgeous, with those apron tide to the back, the knot touching back like adding a lil red touch to it...

man I tell you, happiest man on earth to see that today, yes I do sound hell lot horny than just plain butter and bread. She look okay, but dang.... I was on a Fine-ass road trip after that. Oh dam those heels that makes their behind looks firmer and rounder. those magic stick adding few inches, form the bottom like wonder! I was telling JJ and Pippo about what I saw man!.... dang! sharing is allllllllll caring man!let them say what they what to say about you, but at the end of the day, dont you wish you told someone about it?.... fine... im out of control here! but sure its sweet when your on a road trip!literally wherever you go my friend! Girls should wear heels more frequent!

Too bad I don't have any pictures to show you, I will be glad to capture one but, People would call me INSANE TO ever do that! sweat! but yet let me share with you, girls out there would LURVE to hear you talking about them!but please keep your cool and don't over do it tho, you might get a slap!




.•°Rªlph°•. said...

haha u change taste adi ke
last time see boobs now see ass..? hahaha

SaeWei said...

alamak... FREE ASS SHOW??? Lucky you man~ Hahaha


how come you take this picture!
As what saewei say. Lucky you man!

WillaZz said...

Ralph:I never change taste le, last time see leg and ass now also see leg and ass le, never fancy boobs that much le, tutu hor kao liao.. haha

Saewei: yeah! free ass show, im so bad hor.. must slap me ade den >.< naughty naughty me..

Christie: I didn't took that picture, but just an idea of what's MORE or something identical of what I see, even tho it's not as close as I see it.. haha. Cheers!

SilverIsle said...

OMG! Eyes popped out. LOLz.

Chee Hsien said...


WillaZz said...

SilverIsle: ngek ngek ngek... dun worry i catch your eye for you... hehehe

Chee Hsien: MWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh....

Des said...

omg... i wana go ggurney adee!!!

i wana go breeks adee

x said...


i wonder if anyone will take a pic of me in that post ...and post it in a blog or something ...maybe i get famous then :P

WillaZz said...

des: haha, promoting gurney hehe..and breeks is... fuuuuuuuwahhhhhh

x: maybe you should do that, then posted it up in your blog, you'll be famous the next morning hehe!!

MiN said...

korek Lonkang ~~ longkang besar XD

WillaZz said...