Sunday, January 13, 2008

Having a blast with old friends.

Yet again another great MORNING, so I decide, it's time to go out have fun!

"Playing is fun, Paying is not"

Was driving my car, local car, proton car,p1 car.... whatever you want to call it. Who the fuck cares, but 4 wheels which takes me to where I want to go?rite?

So I was listening to my music lalalalalaaaa, GEEZ! there goes my cellphone ringing, pulled over!

Why I pulled over? because it's goddamn RIGHT thing to do, especially when your very friendly and used to police! So you think I really pull over?BAH..

I answered the call, haiz.. XXXXX ask me to fetch him! weee, a person who is kind like me wouldn't mind fetching a friend right? Once in awhile, it's fine, don't be like some fella, who's not shy at all. Doesn't even know when to stop. LOL. petrol free ka? Ne ways, I already know I need to fetch them all, HAHA. I'm saying this doesn't mean I mind at all, actually I don't, but I want to open up some people's mind out there who find their friend an easy target. ESPECIALLY FRIENDS THAT STAY 10 miles from your place and the place your heading is 6miles!

"He got transport ma!"

I'm mean rite? woohoo!
but giving you heads up what I mean by having a blast later on, I'll cut the crap again!

We were having lunch!yes, food! finally I've arrived! GUESS WHAT?what?

HAHA, nobody sits beside me wei! cruel rite? haha! So we ordered. LONG CHAT!.... what's the TOPIC you ask?

hohoho... so let me present to you fork and spoon, a very hard decision to make.. when you wanna chat.... or rather ... EAT!..LOL

The food came, DUN WORRY!
no food pictures here.... later If i posted up, i'll be hungry too! HAHA.. so here are an empty plate!

After all that
stuffed in your tummy, what more you want..

but this..


So you think thats having a blast? It's heavy burden kay! Driving people around...
End up digging crab by the beach... =.= killing crabby! weeee! crab hunting time!... Smack that crab with your sandal! weee!!!

LOL you think we're that cruel? neh.. we just sit patiently and awaited the crabs to come out! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!LOL

Where do bikini chicks go?where have they gone to?

But we had alot of great fun together.. haha... and we found gigantic Jelly-fish.. we didnt took pictures of it tho, I was busy slicing the jelly fish... ahhahaa... BTW, the jelly-fish is dead okay... and its freaking huge!....radius of an umbrella i might say!

So, it's just some casual outing but it was a blast!
*In my wallet*