Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good Drinks.

Just like everyone, having supper in the middle of the night, a really good chat with friends and food..................... are pretty normal. We stop by at Hot Wok, can't forget those delicious yam cake we had in previous visit. So we decide to go again.

A good drink, yes it was. The yam cake was good, yes it was. WillaZz was crazy, yes he is! he is so lovey dovey to kiss kiss. Everyone was so quiet, i decide to become a clown myself, hohoho!

Good friends are suppose to mingle around with right? Even they don't buy it, but you still appreciate it. As it may be the last time. Who knows right?

Was watching 1 litre of tears final 2 episodes, Minny
decide to load 1 litre of saliva in her mouth. LOL!i'm so mean!wohohoahahaha....BTW she look HOT! did something drop? hehehe

So it was New Year eve, everyone was there, big group of people I tell you! You lose concentration of everybody kay! it's not everyday when you have big crowd like this. Benji was pissed by me, muahaha he is so considerate you know for people telling him not to ki huei(fire establishment). But who cares the finger shows to me. Damn, he's jealous. kakaka.

So what you do when you finish your drink, food and chat? you continue it with you handphone!DUH!!! SMS(selepas makan services). Chee Hsien was thinking, the left hand is there to support his jaw from falling off!muahahahah.. kakakaka. There's his friend over there, next to him,opposite me.. haha.. the TV in Hot Wok must have caught his attention, or was he looking at something else? hmm...

Shadow of the day.


Minny said...

but wheee had fun :D

maybe we should really come up with a movie called one litre of saliva!

im dreamin of the "OH kuih" now ..

sc_Bone said...

minny kembung!!!!!

WillaZz said...

Minny: MINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea.. we had LOTS OF FUN!!!! hahaha

The picture is nice kay! dun buat macam its a let down lol!

OMG!!! Oh kuih!!! YUM YUM!!!! can die ar... now dreaming of that also lehhhhhh

Bone:.... she drip in my hand you know!!!!wahahahaha