Saturday, January 05, 2008



The wine in the glass tasted strange
Well balance the glass on my hand, Slippery it was no better than a can
Rushing out and width spread the blood on the carpet, leaving a scent
The shattered glass scattered and leaved a dent
Why the blind? when a struck of innocences replied only a dime but cost a million whine.

It grew into poisonous rose with thorns
the black heart of pink has born
Awaits the prey and silently break the dawn
A fragile pick of an ice melt the bond

only a withdrawal of time shall call upon the oracle
skating the ring of abandon circle

Cost a flirt to leaves blood on your shirt
Clean it and it treats you like a dirt
Cleaned but its not clean, it just show how far you've been.

Author's explanation

1.She started being weird, something smells funny.
2.We have everything in the world together, from the relationship we have, we manage to work things out together as a pen and paper. Suddenly things begin to change, it slips right thru the hand, the wine aren't suppose to slip because there is no moisture against the glass but only a cold can drink does. It's impossible but it happens.
3&4.Everything was not as usual as it was, it left an impression and thought that something selfish had happen between them. So it affect He deeply and he remembers where they use to sit and meet. He remembers clearly what has happen and all the past between them both.
5.Why is he feeling hurt now? for he knows that a cheap talk of a direct, straightforward guy would eventually cost expensive heartache. Speak without a thought of wisdom has ruined and torn the paper apart.

6&7. It has become a disease after long run, he finally shuts himself off towards his friends and family and blaming himself.
8&9.Tries to mend the pieces into one again. Whatever he does, does not bring anything back but a cold.

10. Living in the past and condemn himself and keep running in that awful place. Only he knows if good friends he have can help him and bring him back, "so dry your tears" She said.

11.From there it begin until now, he remembers everything that makes him not all right.

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