Sunday, January 13, 2008

Morning Driving.

Probably when I mention this, most blogger/driver out there already know what I mean.


But when you drive during the weekend, IT DOESN'T feel that way at all. In fact, it's so nice to drive around, especially on highway, I'm telling you, the road is so wide that sometimes you have a feeling that your in the wrong lane. HAHAHA!!It's so nice and comfortable when your on the road, even with a light step on the gas takes you to your destination in no time. Very few vehicles during these hours, but watch out for MPPP :P

So what you can do during the weekends? especially early in the morning?
Well, most people would be still in the bed, or some hangover somewhere after club or pub. Certainly it's the weekend, but getting wasted or late night sleep just, wasted your precious weekend morning!
Some uncles and auntie probably, jogging, mountain hiking or cycling around the neighborhood! If thats not enough, you'll see them joining tai chi activities with their neighborhood too.
Well, thats a very good and healthy lifestyle I'll say.


_ _ _ _ would I care about that now?
I'll probably do that in like 20-30 years time? For now, let's enjoy life to the max! Quit wasting those cash and time on bed or booze or whatever that make you unable to wake up and feel the morning breeze and sunshine. The sun in the morning is not hot kay! Just for your info.
Driving on the weekend is the best! Especially in the morning! No doubt! It just made my day! Don't be lazy because your tired from all those tiring work back in work place.

Take for whatever reason to drive out, it'll be fun!.. breakfast(dim sum)

sek sek~
Yum cha~
, strolling down the beach, buying food for your family or just buying newspaper, or meeting up your another half, just goddamn drive out in the morning! Be it far or near, you'll feel really really great! Cuz once your back to same old weekday, you'll remember your weekend, in addition to that, NO MORE MONDAY BLUE! weeeee... hehehe..

For those that doesn't have a car, riding is the same either! or you could walk along your neighborhood too.

Well, have a very good weekend guys. Take the key and drive out to get your mood back for work :D:D