Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Overdrived by 2nd week of knowing.

Dear Diary,
Someone has literally shattered my heart into pieces, in less than 1 week of knowing, this second week has been mysteriously awful for me. I would not tell you who or why, but judging from the date of my previous post, yes, i have been manipulated until I discover my own stupidity of putting myself in such difficult manner to even foresee whats coming out from this vicious wolf's preying not for food but by casting out numbers of territory and dominant groups by tearing down the established structure of Mother's nature. Only to be seen by many, as a respectful and wealth person, ranging South to North for dominance by overlooking with his eyes and ear to fully open up and forcing out it's name, hiding doubtfulness and blurring target. Gaining such family for availability and affair.

Not me it shall not be, for my intelligence and integrity to discover much more den an ant finding its way home. I shall hit the Sugar shack and tremble the truth for friends which are affected from this horrible blind from the enemy. Enough is for me to say and I shall rain high and sky all over the place, but for now, i live in despair for this ruling is still going on, and i have much too say in this little place. I have been devourer but soon after the pay to vengeance has arrive, victory for my own self shall see it's glory. Patience I say to myself, it's still early and your young to face this red hood wolf, as soon as you step up, disappear from this world!

A naive virgin as target or searching modest moment for life?
Perhaps too skeptical about the whole scenario, time for another change, or just being bullied by this vicious creature?

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Minny said...

such insights to your life, wil.

it's never impossible to actually grasp your own life and not let the tremblings of the world OR THAT particular person itself HUNT you down.

don't let it oppress you, maybe this time is not the right time to harvest although you want to. perhaps, it's time to forget about this morbid one, WAIT and then start harvesting a new one.

Remember, "THE ONE who is in me is greater than the one who is in the world". cheer up, i know people might've told you this but im telling u again - everything is gonna be alright.