Friday, March 21, 2008

A big Favor

Sigh, word are as pure as it came out from innocents mouth, meaning the words mean no harm but honest curiosity in place.

A favor to ask expect a table too large, meaning a favor which intended to expect something larger than the word itself.

So, this person said 'I can give you an apple'. Yes, an apple but what he really really wants is to let you think that your whole life, you OWE him an apple, to scar you for life, to remind you, to hurt you, to disturb you, to ambush you! and yes.... an apple tree in return of the favor he given.

By just looking back, have I lost my mind and think of it too much? Perhaps It was a lie, a lie which intended to remind me, to remind me of who I use to be, a person with no dignity.

It's time to let loose and let everyone know.

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