Sunday, March 23, 2008

Project Project Project!

I'm stuffed with a lot of things in my mind,
from steering wheels to Marlboro light,
I travel from Penang to mainland just to find,
Angel eyes for my car wanna be a 5 series at night.

The tricks on ur eye
Imagining grenades and carbine(for soldiers)
Favoring lemon apple red wine(for chefs)
Pretty spaghetti stripes and showing bra line(lengluis)
FINE....... and those fine.... fine.... Fine asses on the streets with eyes like a freak
those partner like a dick savoring the food that they eat
tidbits and bits of bitches on the street only to lick and only to lick and only to lick.... TARADAT TA DAT DAT
only to find and only to find... TARADAT TA DAT DAT
only to find and only to find... THE TRICKS ON UR EYE!

Face lifting my ride.. slow slow slow slowly.........


orsina75 said...

Hallo! Escuse me, what is "TARADAT"?

WillaZz said...

this is call enthnocentric communication.. only the speaker knows the code.. if ur wondering... just saying out in a silly way... act as if u understand the language.. chill out bro xD

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