Thursday, April 17, 2008

A moment of silence.

Just some other matters that don't matter(skip this if you don't wanna get yourself confused, thank you): and I was not satisfied, cause I know how kids feel when party is over, they cry and whine with other kids and eventually the parteh continues on! weather your there or not, it does not matter, cause it STILL continues on! Cause I once was one, I would not deny that!Let's Rock y'all! The part where I am not satisfied is how immature a person(s) can be and another being cast-out and eventually putting the innocents to a state where they feel like being labeled "Rejected." Of course you don't reason once you let off the rope, but don't cry when your saved by a dead twig that last 2 second on a dead branch on a dead tree than a rope, by all means, it's just metaphor, don't bother reading twice. Tho, for a guy like me, I don't really care that much, but I can sense it's happening,I was doing it too and now I'm opening the door and apologies for nuisance stupidity that I holded on and nobody can really do anything about it but yourself!Sorry, I mean it! I would rather a blue sky than darkness which swallow you! Don't cha agree with me? I mean, I drawn regret without even realizing it. SO by this hour, I eventually hope that after crossing out this meaningless mystery of mine and realize what I have done to myself. I would like to claim "My April Fool" title for who have I been kid-ding with all along! LOL!

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