Thursday, April 17, 2008

ShoutOut's 2nd Anniversary, A birthday Bash!part 1

Let's celebrate ShoutOut's 2nd Anniversary here in Penang!
By the time you read this,
SO's birthday is over, finish and done!
So let's recap what happen during the celebration!
Applause for the early comers! *clap clap*

This is Chee Hsien with the the phone! He look so cute here! :)
Behind CH is PC and Emily(from the left)
Their discussing something.. "Put ShoutOut Sticker On UR Blouse or T-Shirt!"

Let's Get it Started in here! We're getting Hungry! growl..........
Yum yum Delicious+ Service!!!

This is Elise with JJ's dog name Sugar

Sugar: Woof, woof! Sugar wants Food too! gimme some :(

Of course, in a lot of times during celebration we tend to meet people who we are new to, Say Hi to the camera!
Let's meet iCalvyn, Lasker and Elvie(from the left)

Even the camera needs rest, but it wont stop taking picture when it's on the table!

On this picture you'll see Wendy and Satkuru feasting! Yum Yum, say prayers :)

So what to do when your stomach is full and you regained energy?
Well, Take More pictures with DSLR!

Charles Key

Birthday continues! So, here I am with the cap and my Ice Kacang!
XiiaO Jiro and yours truly digging in some delicacies

After 2nd round of food and more picture taking, the rest of the gang hang out and play some games and some just chat chat chat whole night long.
What's a celebration if everyone is not in the picture right? here goes!(click to zoom)

Here is the finale!The main course of the whole celebration, the admin(s) of ShoutOut!
Lasker and Elise are both married and this lil party was part of the celebration as well!
The announcement doesn't seem to shock anyone! but I was! there goes my 20 RINGGIT bil.

Lasker & Elise- The Newly Weds
I wish u both the best in the future and alot of children!

WillaZz signing out! it's Late! ahhhhhh.

ShoutOut is the best!
If u wanna join this COOL community or learn more about what is ShoutOut all about? Visit ShoutOut Now!

Or Start Shouting by registering yourself as a Shouter!

P.S: remember to stay tune for the INSIGHTS during the celebration! much much more than what you have just seen! Part 2 coming up soon ;)


kxin said...

din post ur photos :P

Lasker said...

Wheee ... nice post!
What is that RM20 lah? Did you make a bet with the rest lah?

swt swt

WillaZz said...

kxin: got ar u din read and notice it la ... apara.. haha

Lasker: thx q, no ar ... i din bet la.. saja saying.. muahaha..

Credit to Chee Hsien for the photo! thank you man!

Minny said...

wah. i thought i went to the wrong blog!! nice new layout really :)

HH said...

friend, i tagged u.... hehehehe...
no cbox.. lol

SilverIsle said...

I didn't get to attend. I didn't get to attend. I didn't get to attend. T_T

millymin said...

omg!! you posted the picture of my tetek!!