Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hillsong in KL, Malaysia!

WHATS this u ask??? CLICK AND ZOOM! and read below... :D:D:D:D

in less than 6 freaking bazaar hours I will be on my not so fabulous cheap and under budget convenient way to KL by BK(Buspeeding King) to be in HILLSONG CONCERT!

So i only heard Mighty To Safe album, one of the popular album by Hillsong Australia, SO WHAT! those other album(s) can catch up with me later... for now I'm going to be enjoying myself again in a concert (Unleash The Inner Rock Soul).

Miles away seems too far, like it would not happen(dreaming)
But the journey is more important then the end or the start(still dreaming)


June 12 2008 UPDATE:

Hillsong United LIVE in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Latest UPDATE ON THE WHOLE TRIP HERE!

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