Saturday, May 24, 2008

Share Your Blessing.

Everybody got their own problem, it's just a matter how YOU want to solve them.
Sometimes we think it's hard to approach but in fact it is as easy as taking a step through a door.

If the door is locked, lets hope the person open the door soon and the message you tried to pass gets through.


Knowing what Is Blessing
My friends told me how I reject people's blessing, he says its like rejecting them and It's actually an insult.
Blessing is a form of invitation/gift sincerely from the bottom of one's heart to an individual or group to to form sharing to one another.
After my friend say that, I thought back how I treat my friends for movies, food, entertainment and financial help. I finally get it but i'm not following it, cause I always walk in my set of rules which is this:

"Whatever I can offer, I'll give and expect no return from them"
"Love everyone, and expect the least love from them"
" If they get too close to me, I'll avoid and try my best to distance them away from me"
"I care for all of my friends but I don't show it that I care at all"
"NEW is something dangerous I wouldn't try alone"

New, something which people think is better but not to me, because It just happens to took away/replace me from my circle of friends and my life, I'll just fade off like makeup hits by water. If u get what I mean, you are sure observant enuff.. I'm better off hiding myself from this new comer and pretend its not affecting my life.
Thinking of it, I still haven't changed, some do see through me and I cried because of that, for those who hate don't comment, I need everyone's love that I can get to turn it into somewhat Independence Day for themselves after stealing from one to another.
I know it sounded stupid when I listed them out here. I know some would feel the same to them self too but DO I really care?
"He's talking about how great he is. Fuck that, acting noble and shit? Grow up!"
"Is that HOW he show himself as? This world is not alone with freaks like you!"
"You think your the only one living in loneliness?!"
"It's quite alright, just look up to the stars and believe who you are cuz it's quite alright:)"

when time passes by, thats(above,bold and Italic) totally NOT who you really want to grow up as, your not some underground superhero, you are not meant to save the world, you are meant to find yourself, the purest YOU that sleeps inside of you awaiting for awakening. Tell your heart this insecurity of YOURS to go away and let the misery pass by. What you really want the world to see you as? as other people living in THEIR own problem bringing BAD NEWS everyday, I'm bringing you one GOOD NEWS! and I hope you will trust in, and pass on which is open your heart gladly for blessing that comes.

You think you can do it alone? trust nobody but you yourself? Your lying to yourself again. YOU CAN'T DO IT ALONE! NOBODY CAN! UNLESS YOUR GOD! TRUST GOD!LEAVE IT ALL TO HIM!

So here I am, opening my arms widely... accepting your blessing and give glory to HIM.

How GOD works? Through friends and people you meet everyday, and today I meet you and share my blessing to you.
You have just witness one Blessing from GOD to me and NOW I pass it to you. Cherish it, because you deserve it more than I do.
I need it too of cause, but I'm waiting for my turn to come.

Goodie! I'm Sharing my blessing to you!

Addicted instead...

Addiction is just a word, realizing before it's too late, it makes no difference anyway, its how human nature works, but will the bond be erase by a snap of finger?
I walk by faith not by sight, but will I deny Him when my faith is running on low? Perhaps It's a horrifying trial I'll learn later in life or addiction I choose to go with?

I hope many things I wrote got its point, I'm not perfect. IF anyone could just bare with it, it's their gain. If no, perhaps they'll find others who click.

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