Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday! Your Officially 20 of age.

hmm, guess where am I?

I'm at Thank God It's Friday, no.. not the song sang by R Kelly but ala American bistro. Had Jack Daniel's sirloin steak for dinner, yummy indeed!best sekali!

and oh ya.. i forgot what I need to write for this post, cuz it was suppose to be written a few hours ago until I fell asleep... anyway.. this is my "bday cake"!..thx mum and dad for the wonderful evening, i had a lil fun during the meal with you both and i wish my younger sister was there to enjoy too. Too bad she wasn't able to make it.
Happy Birthday To myself.. i guess I'll just have a quiet piece of time with myself this morning and afternoon..
thanks for the wishes my friends out there, I appreciate it very much!i mean it.. thanks alot again, It means much more than anything I would expect.
Thx again


Lasker said...

Happy Birthday Willazz!!!! :)

Miss Q said...

i see that you really had a lotta good food at tgif.. happy birthday..