Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hillsong KL concert follow up post.

1st dup, too bad i wont be posting the AOG Glad Tidings Picture here.. probably just the main entrance crowded with 3 thousand people!.. its wild!.. haha..

After that day, we went Bukit Bintang for walk and some shopping.. but definately Food food food 1st..i dont remember what we had ade.. but i remember jap food in.... gosh i forgot where!... i think its in time square... and we went starbucks not for coffee.. just sitting down cuz its raining...and we took some magazine and read...

EH!..what is this?? never seen BEFORE!... im so nub!
finally pavillion ... went to every floor... everything is just too expensive... =.= headed to carl's junior and had beefburger.. the fries are awesome!.. with cheese... yum yum... very full indeed.. can still feel it in my stomach even its been months ade.. haha
Thats all... lazy to post more picture... im late for schadule... all my entry that suppose to post are all way back behind schadule... im dropping all of them instead im already posting some new stuff.. Good day...

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