Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Beginning of New Life.

It is great to be back on track for at least a minute until I forgot about myself totally, yet of course I still LOVE this blog BUT I just could not find anything to post up here..
One thing for sure is that, I love my new friends In College, My walk with Jesus has been hazy lately, most probably a whole lot new things happen to my life.. Been walking away from God lately but I know HE will always be watching over me giving me revelation and answering my question for me to MOVE on.... I LOVE YOU JESUS!
You know... I didn't realise I've added Old Worship songs accidentally into my play list to replace my love for project deisuke's end theme because actually I intended to replace it with new songs.. well until i knew it...
INSTANTLY, it bring back memories when I first walk in Christ(I'VE ALWAYS BEEN)
AH, it was those days where I find peace in this world yet filled with troubles I faced with people.

What You have been missing lately?
I've been thinking about Friends lately and eventho I feel like dancing, it's a two man's thing
Lets leave them in the back of our mind and lets play together with guitar instead

Guitar can be replace with:car,doll,laptop,psp,ps2,ps3,xbox,wii,fax machine,tv,close friends or bla bla bla bla... BUT none beats Jesus, because I find peace everytime in HIM, because HE never fail me but but my body of a sinner does.


YEN XOXO said...

Aww.. this post is so sweet! Yea, lets sing praises to Lord Jesus.. =)

WillaZz said...

yea yen aka prettypink :P lets sing praises for papa :P:P

Rebecca said...

i seriously love this pic! cos of the sands of the beach <3 kyaa ~~