Thursday, October 09, 2008

I've got tagged?NO!!!!

Instructions: Remove one of the question from below and add in your personal question..make it total 20question..Then tag 8 people from your list..List them out at the end of the post..Notify them that they have been tagged..

01.What do u eat everyday?
Canteen Food such as Loh Mee, Hokkien Lor Mee, Breakfast Egg and Ham set. Ya..
mostly outside food... MAN you just gatta love Penang Hawker Food Okay!

02.Where you will go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
Japan, UK, Japan, UK... opps did i mention Japan and UK?and of cuz the states but i guess its too big for me alone.

03.What's your favourite thing to do?
Being silly infront of friends and getting their attention.. its more like a habit but i guess it can be categories as favourite thing to do thou.. haha

04.Do you think money can buy happiness?
No. Money can buy everything you want in this world but u cant buy happiness with it. To achieve happiness, one have to find it.. i've find mine but i hope i get to share it along with someone

05.Do you believe in destiny?
Yes, i believe everything happens for a reason.

06.What are you afraid to lose the most?
unity in a family

07.If you win $1million,what you will do with?
a million dollar car!kekeke... joking le.. a house mayb?if a million is enuff to buy a house in Penang :X

08.List out 3 good points about the person who tagged you.
She is mature,
independent and caring

09.If you have only one wish..what will you wish for?
I'll wish for this wish to be erased because i dont need one.. i got God to answer everything for me

10.If you could rewind time..would you?
if i could.. i wouldn't because it makes me who i am today

11.What is your ambition?
buka cafe play nice nice music

12.What your favourite song for the moment?
technologic by daft punk

13.If you can teleport once..where you would go?
straight to heaven!

14. Do you prefer to be alone or to enjoy good times with your friends?
after spending good time with friends, i prefer to be alone

15.If you could undo one mistake in the past..what would it be?
no significant mistake to be undo... any suggestion?

16.If you have a chance..which part of you character would you like to change?
Shyness of me. That includes me being stubborn that drove people crazy.*same same*

17.What kind of music have you been listening recently?
Arabic and Jazz lounge, Bossa Nova, Rap-rock

18.What is the one thing you cannot do you wish you could?
Kill my shyness.

19.If you were knew that you will die tomorrow..what would you do 24hours before that?
Spend time with family. Eat my favourite food. repent for what i've sinned and den sleep kau kau!!!

20.List 3 things you don't like about yourself.
Shy, short-tempered, stubborn.*mcm sama aje*

And the people I want to tag is :
Chee Hsien
Emily Chong
XiiaO Jiro


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