Saturday, January 03, 2009

It takes a glance.

Ever thought that a person who shows interest in you ask question more often that to JUST agree positively what you have just said or mention?

like they don't even give a damn about what you said but they are just ganna laugh about it or comment which flows or pretend that they didn't hear a word you have just said?
Well I have and I find it hurtful to even consider such as friend, I know how it feels to me but I understand as well how they feels.
They don't feel connected or interested in what you have said, because you are invisible, you don't appeal to them and all they could care is those who they wanna feel close with, definitely not you! Let's just forgive them, maybe it's someone who you wanna show interest in by getting their attention more towards you, but thats not ganna happen because everytime you went out with them or just a particular person, there WILL be another person around PROTECTING/PREVENTING exactly the thing that you wanted to happen, which is to get close to the person.

Feel like your in the right shoe with me?Exactly but maybe they weren't aware but the more your getting in, the more the person in demand. You'll be lucky to survive.

What i want to say to those people is, give love a chance. sigh.
For what may come into ur way, perhaps he/she has already showing interest to other people but its not you cuz your not in his/her realm but rather in outer space with vacuum and hoping to get suck in to the realm but wait ur invisible, perhaps u might be close to the moon but the earth aint diggin it, he/she prefers those satelite hanging around better than u.. so get a fucking live and fucking move on.

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