Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It was August.

Cars cars cars, first thing about a car is brake! its very important.. especially your driving a really heavy car carrying a spare tyre and OF CUZ yourself!

It's always too late when its too late.. BING BANG BONG.. there goes your ka-ching(money)
that you saved up for something more, BUT it doesn't always goes along the PLAN you had in mind right???

HOWEVER, you still need to find parts which are broken to fix-up your damage right?
SO? Where to find? the internet OF CUZ!!! where else in the world? YELLOW PAGES??? MY ARSE.

BULLCRAP, right after that you caught up with another repair? NOW THATS ONE IN A MILLION...You know where I'm going.....


RIGHT.... so its ugly now but later you'll recieve a ribbon saying... It's Done! Congrates! After like(sarcastic) FREAKING LOOOOOOOOOOOONGG DELAY! I smell it!... YES I DO>>> I'm GUESSING THEY GANNA DELAY FOR LIKE... 3 WEEKS.... PERHAPS? Top would be a month or so?

I'm sick of this lalalalala

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