Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I got very lonely this past days, probably because there's no class, i'm currently on mid sem break.
I'm trying to fill in my time during this holiday with friends around me, tho most of the time I prefer to be alone, I will try my best to fit in even If I don't.
Sometimes I wonder why I do stupid things with my friends, but it's only because I love them and I think they're somehow like a family, even sometimes we share quite a bit together and even if we don't, we respect each other for our differences.
I really hope you don't see me like I'm weird or different in anyway because I really care about what you think and surely we could improve from where we ended.
I do think about myself, in fact all the time when I'm quiet and not talking.
I hope I can find someone soon and end this misery

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