Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday Night Out With Friends

Wow, what a blast me and my friends had in Benvenuto and EQII. The food was delicious. Great time catching up and we had fun in QEII but it was not my type of place to party and drink. It was great when friends are together and we dance till early in the morning.. we all got high and went to green house but after we parked our car, we stayed inside the car for 30minutes (or so because i wasnt exactly concious, but compared to others, I already sober) to singalong a few favourite songs from our time since high school and some good o' oldies. I really had a great night with all of you.
Christmas is near! I cant wait for out next crazy night.. these are some random shots in random places.. lazy to arrange.

BLACK LABEL, this liquor cost them to get all steam and high

No doubt this is the final result after finished our drink and heading out from QEII

This is what to expect when it's 3-4am in the morning( i reached home by 5 something)

Never play with knife especially when the dinner is not served yet JC!

We're suppose to look scared/surprised here

Me with the drunken"s"

JC can hardly open his eye due to early blink for flash

Listening to the music all night long

It's empty ! I need another round.. quick!

don't want chai you

Chilling after dancing

Look at my stim face! remember this face~

This is before all of that started.. i mean look at our faces.. not red cheeks

Here is how pig gallops for drinks


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